A Street Fighter Picnic

“The Cast of Street Fighter decide to take a break from fighting to enjoy a nice meal, only to be interrupted….”

Hope you guys enjoy this short! This video was inspired by my friend Tracie Garrison aka Miss Sinister Cosplay. I saw her Sagat costume and had to shoot a video with her. When she told me she was going to be in town for Dragoncon it was my only chance! As soon as she landed we only had 2 hours to shoot the whole scene.

Dhalsim-Soni Araylnn
Guile-Vi Nguyen
Ryu-Kandyce Phung
E.Honda-Kimberly Hamilton
Ken-Tory Steele
Sagat-Tracie Garrison
Chun Li-Lenny Tran

Filmed/Edited By:
David Hoang

Assisted By:
Michael Rivera
Alex Rodriguez
Jonathan Le


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