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‘Boob Trek’ (Redux) 2014 TG TF Animation

‘Boob Trek’ (Redux) 2014 TG TF Animation

Originally filmed in 2010, ‘Boob Trek’ was The Ultimate Breast Expansion / TG Transformation / Sci-fi Parody Machinima.
At the time it was my first epic machinima production clocking in at 20 minutes. I felt that some of the scenes were ‘too hot’, so I never uploaded it to my YouTube channel opting for DailyMotion instead, where it received a fairly decent amount of views.
Some of the reviews I’d read from people included, ‘Offbeat’. ‘Interesting’, ‘Funny’, and ‘Weird’.
Since then, I’ve learned a lot about producing machinima, and even though I still love that project, and had a ton of fun making it… I now have a hard time watching the original.

This 2014 re-cut ‘Boob Trek Redux’ for my YouTube channel includes newly shot scenes integrated into the original 2010 shots, as well as enhanced sound. I also trimmed it down to a quicker 11:30. ‘Boobytropolis’ is long gone, but Boob Trek remains a classic showcase for one of my favorite sims in second life. If you’ve never seen Boob Trek before… The original cut can still be found on my Dark MsStress DailyMotion page, and on NaughtyMachinima.

Written & Directed by Midnight. Filmed in Second Life @ Boobytropolis created by Minka Pearl. 

Please Enjoy! Subscribe to my channel & please leave comments.



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