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Dark MsStress – ‘The Fizzby Show’

Welcome Back! This episode follows ‘Sexy & the City’ as Dominique Sinclair continues to transform former Tranztek TTX enhanced agent, D’Andre Stevens into her busty hypnotized servant, ‘Daisy.’

Machinima Comic Written, Scored, Edited & Directed by Midnight.

Filmed on location in Second Life at Aftermath III & Running Lady Studios.

I like the score a lot…Definitely listen with headphones.

I know 18 minutes is a bit long to hold the average YouTube viewers attentions… But, I couldn’t edit it any shorter without losing the flow of the story. Hopefully, the grooves in the soundtrack as well as the story, will hold your attention. I’ll try to create shorter videos…
or maybe you like the long ones?..
Let me know in the comments below.

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